Cranberry-Vanilla Orange Sangria

 In Cocktails, Moscato Rubino

Treat your holiday guest to this tasty wintertime Sangria. The intense cherry and lush strawberry flavors of Rubino meld perfectly with the tartness of the cranberries and light acidity of the fresh oranges… this is a party favorite.

Serves 8

2 bottles of Salt of the Earth Moscato Rubino
1 Cup Fresh Cranberries
4 Oranges (Sliced into disks)
2 Madagascar Vanilla beans

Pour Moscato into a large pitcher.
Add the cranberries.
Slice 3 ½ the oranges into disk. Add to pitcher.
Squeeze the remaining orange half into the pitcher and discard the rind.
Add vanilla beans.
Stir. Cover. Refrigerate for 4-24 hours. (the longer you can wait the better!)
Garnish with cranberries and oranges.

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