Salt of the Earth formed in 2011 as a partnership between visionary winery owners, Andrew and Laurel Quady, veteran Moscato winemaker, Michael Blaylock, and expert Moscato growers, Denis and Teri Prosperi. Their mission is to produce unparalleled Moscato for the very best value. Salt of the Earth wines are made at Quady Winery in Madera, California, home of the sweet wine specialists.

andrew and laurel quady

Andrew and Laurel Quady started out in the wine business nearly 50 years ago in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. They found that the climate of the Valley is perfect for producing flavorful Muscat, port, and vermouth, and they made a name for themselves with Quady Winery as aperitif and sweet wine specialists. Andrew is known for new and daring ideas and the Salt of the Earth concept was his. Laurel is an expert in accounting and winery financial management. In addition to managing the financial picture, the Salt of the Earth label is Laurel’s concept and execution.

michael blaylock

Michael Blaylock is the former Director of Winemaking at Quady Winery. He supervised Quady and Salt of the Earth winemaking, taking care to consistently produce Moscato of the greatest quality each year. Out in the field he collaborated with Salt of the Earth growers and assured fruit quality. An advocate for the San Joaquin Valley agricultural community, Michael sat on the Board of Directors for both the California Wine Institute and the Family Winemakers of California. Locally he was also a member of Vino Fino, one of the oldest wine-tasting clubs in the San Joaquin Valley. Mike has been known to say, even during the sixteen-hour days of crush, “What really matters is that I’m still having fun!” Head Winemaker Darin Peterson now oversees the production of Salt of the Earth wines after serving for over a decade under Michael. Darin learned a great deal about making award-winning moscatos from Michael and is now carrying on our legacy.

denis prosperi

Denis Prosperi and the Prosperi family are experts in cultivating the distinctive Muscat varieties used in Salt of the Earth Moscatos. They’ve been Quady Winery’s primary Muscat growers for three decades. When it comes to growing Muscat Canelli, Orange Muscat, and Black Muscat, it’s hard to beat the incredible dedication to quality found with the Prosperi family of Madera, California.


the region

Salt of the Earth wines come from a warm, sunny valley where the grapevines grow lush and the fruit hangs heavy with sun-ripened sugar: California’s San Joaquin Valley. Our Moscato grapes are grown in a variety of soils that are remnants of a vast inland sea. Hot 95º days are just right for making sweet wines. Grapevines require less water than most crops and are well suited to an arid climate. The long summers ensure ample time for grapes to reach full ripeness before the fall harvest.

Salt of the Earth wines are not available for tasting or purchase at Quady Winery, where Salt of the Earth is made. But, if you’d like to visit the winery, we are open for tours and you can taste and purchase Quady Wines, including our other popular Moscatos: Electra and Red Electra. Check the Quady Winery tasting room hours for details on visiting.