flore de moscato

flore de moscato

A cool stream of citrus and peaches tickles your tongue and enlivens your evenings. Our Salt of the Earth Flore de Moscato is made at summer’s end by crushing the highest quality Muscat grapes. The juices are slightly fermented in steel tanks and quickly chilled to retain their delectable sugar and natural spritz. Made solely with Orange Muscat and Muscat Canelli grapes, Salt of the Earth Flore de Moscato is distinctive and refreshing – truly unlike any other Moscato. Enjoy it accompanied by fruit, cheeses, BBQ, roast beef, or other savory and spicy foods. Flore has a little bit of spritz and is a favorite addition at gatherings large and small.

“Bright medium light gold color. Lively, fun, grassy fruity aromas of dried kumquat, dried straw, and lemon oil with a chewy, puckering, moderately sweet medium-full body and a peppery, short finish with fruit tannins and no oak.” –World Value Wine Challenge, Best Buy, 93 points

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Bottle Shot of 2019 Salt of the Earth Wine Moscato Rubino

moscato rubino

moscato rubino

Prefer the dark side of sweet? Try our Moscato Rubino, made with the rare Black Muscat grape and Muscat Canelli. Perfect for dark fruit lovers, and for those who enjoy sweet red wine. Intense strawberry and cherry flavors burst forth with the first taste and are carried away on a light, slightly effervescent river of fresh fruit. If you plan to share with friends be sure to have enough on hand, it’s hard to keep glasses filled when you’re pouring Moscato Rubino. Try it accompanied by cheese and fruit, with your favorite savory or spicy dishes, or with pie and vanilla ice cream. Share it at your next gathering or holiday occasion.

“Bright medium brown brick red color. Bright, fruity, floral sweet aromas of black raspberries and violets with a satiny, vibrant, sweet medium-full body and a polished, complex, medium-long finish with fruit tannins and no oak.” –World Value Wine Challenge, Best Buy, 94 points

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